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Evaporative Condensing Scroll Heat Pump Chiller


Blueway has ultilized the evaporative condensers in commercial HVAC applications for around 30 years and used this innovative technology in products to significantly reduce the amount of mechanical cooling needed, with lower energy costs.

How does Evaporative Condensing Work?

Evaporative condensers use the cooling effect of evaporation to improve the heat rejection process. Water is sprayed over the condensing coil from above while air is simultaneously blown up through the coil from below to naturally lower the condensing temperature. The lower condensing temperature reduces the compressor workload.

As a result, the system operates more efficiently and uses far less energy than air cooled alternatives. In fact, the reduced compressor kW draw (25-30%) coupled with demand charge savings (up to 30% of a utility bill in some cases) can result in operating cost savings of more than 40% versus air cooled condensers.

Benefits of Evaporative Condensing

Blueway unique evaporative condenser design offers a number of benefits, including:

• Lower costs. In addition to energy savings, the reduced compressor KW draw can lower electrical installation costs, because less wire sizes, disconnects, and other electrical controls are needed. Plus, repair costs and downtime can be reduced and component life extended, because the compressors work against a smaller pressure differential than air cooled condensers.

• Energy efficiency. Using evaporative condensing to lower the condensing temperature reduces compressor workload, improving the overall efficiency of the system.

• Reliability. Large orifice, non-clogging water nozzles provide continuous coil-surface wetting for a high heat transfer rate. The sump is 304L stainless steel, and ABS tube sheets protect the coils against abrasion and galvanic corrosion. A walk-in service vestibule provides easy access to pumps and water-treatment components.

• Environmental sustainability. With environmental friendly R410a refrigerant and advanced water-treatment options, including chemical-free systems, etc.

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