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Blueway Low Ambient Heat Pump Solutions


Heat pumps are an excellent overall house heating, cooling and domestic hot water intelligent control system.

Low ambient heat pumps with excellent efficiency performance, which reduce carbon dioxide emissions and make energy savings on energy bills annually, and can work with a wide range of terminal units and hot water systems to create a comfortable environment throughout the house for the whole year, suit any needs includes heating, cooling, hot water, ventilation, etc.

Blueway provides on off and inverter types of low ambient heat pump, mature models options from 9kW to 30kW. Wall-mounted unit of split type is with fully compact design, ideal option for house with limited installation space. Monobloc unit can be equipped with water pump, expansion vessel and electric heater as well. No matter which type, heat pump can connect to terminals or domestic hot water tank, even solar panels to make more cost-effective and environment-friendly.

So far, DC inverter air to water heat pump is the hot selling type in European markets, adopting Panasonic inverter rotary compressor, plate heat exchanger, DC fan, DC water pump, expansion tank and electric heater. Especially units with built-in safety valve, vent valve and also with smart wifi control as standard. The end users can freely remote control the heat pump units anytime and everywhere, and Blueway can provide online technique support by quick response based on heat pump self-diagnosed function and monitoring control system if the unit with Wi-Fi module.

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