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Skid Mounted Process Equipment


As a professional industrial manufacturer, Blueway Company is capable of designing and manufacturing modular systems for the process industry. Blueway has finished the “National Key Research & Development Program” — “Gas Mul-Pollutant Adsorption Removal & Recycling Technology” in 2021.

How does Skid Mounted Process Equipment Work?

Skid mounted process equipment efficiently distributes and stores equipment for process and modular systems such as gas and fluid systems. Once the correct process equipment to suit the application is determined, it is mounted to a frame or onto rails or a metal pallet. The skid mounted equipment can then be used as a unit and be transported safely and easily.

A skid mounted process system is a construction block within a larger process system. Though smaller, it remains a vital processing segment. Because of its mobility and geometrical efficiency, skid-mounted process equipment fits perfectly into the tight and deliberate use of space at modern industrial plants. It also lets you bypass the challenges of onsite fabrication of systems including support and utility components.

The skid-mounted systems include electrical wiring and control systems as well, single connection points for mechanical and electrical use points greatly reduce onsite piping and electrical tasks, which are fully optimized, engineered-to-order packages that plug right into the process flow at your plant, which is mechanically, electronically, and control ready for efficient use.

What’s more, the skid mounted distillation systems also provide a safer method of plant modification by minimizing exposure to conditions that contractors are not trained handle. In addition, if required, facility modifications can be completed before skids arrive to the site.

Benefits of Skid Mounted Process Systems

• Skid mounted process equipment with integrated compact design

• High efficiency compressor, reliable and durable

• Intelligent control system with RS485 interface

• Reliable and durable powder coating cabinet, suitable for complex outdoor weather conditions

• Self-diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots unit operations to ensure safe and reliable operation

• Meet personalized customization and have a broad application market

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