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Containerized Base Battery Energy Storage Air Conditioner


Neimenggu Yiqi Tianjiao Green Energy 500000kW photovoltaic power generation project is the demonstration project of the mining subsidence area construction of ecological management photovoltaic project in China. Its energy storage containers are equipped with high efficiency energy storage air conditioners that manufactured by Blueway Company in 2021.

Energy storage container is an energy storage battery system, which includes a monitoring system, battery management unit, particular fire protection system, special air conditioner, energy storage converter, and isolation transformer developed for the needs of the mobile energy storage market.

How does Energy Storage Container Work?

The battery system is mainly composed of battery cells in series and parallel: more than a dozen battery cells are connected in series and parallel to form a battery box. Then, the battery boxes are connected in series to form a battery string and increase the system voltage. Finally, the battery strings are connected in parallel to improve the system capacity and integrated installation In the battery cabinet.

The monitoring system mainly realizes external communication functions, network data monitoring and data acquisition, analysis, and processing, ensuring accurate data monitoring, high voltage, current sampling accuracy, data synchronization rate, and remote control command execution speed.

The battery management unit has a high-precision single team. The voltage detection and everyday detection functions ensure the voltage balance of the battery modules and avoid circulating current between the battery modules, which affects the system’s operating efficiency.

To ensure the system’s safety, the container is equipped with a dedicated fire and air-conditioning system. Control the cooling and heating system of the air conditioner through thermal management strategies to ensure that the temperature in the container is in the appropriate range and prolong the battery’s service life.

Benefits of Energy Storage Container

Energy storage container has the characteristics of simplified infrastructure construction cost, short construction period, high degree of modularization, and easy transportation and installation. It can be applied to power stations such as fire, wind, and solar power or islands, communities, schools, scientific research institutions, factories, and oversized loads. Center and other applications. And the energy storage air conditioning cooling system is vital for the whole product, its advantages as follows:

• Energy storage air conditioner with integrated compact design

• High efficiency compressor, reliable and durable

• Micro processor based digital controller with user friendly LCD display

• Reliable and durable powder coating cabinet, suitable for complex outdoor weather conditions

• Self-diagnostic control panel monitors and troubleshoots unit operations to ensure safe and reliable operation

• Meet personalized customization and have a broad application market

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