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EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump
  • EVI Low Ambient Heat PumpEVI Low Ambient Heat Pump

EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump

R410a EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump, featured with EVI (Enhanced Vapor Injection) and cost-effectiveness, can be used in super cold area with climate temperature as low as -35℃, like northern Europe. With stable and outstanding operations, warm comfortable, automatic defrost and low noise advantage of house heating, room cooling, and domestic hot water applications, EDHP series can satisfy the daily need of family.

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Customized EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump with Low Price

Solutions to Heating, Cooling & Sanitary

Blueway EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump has normal ambient & low ambient type, including split & monoblock type, which can provide air conditioning, heating and hot water for families, apartments, small industrial sites, etc. Its core philosophy is to solve users' house heating during winter and cooling during summer, as well as domestic hot water. Additionally,EVI on off Heat Pump can work with solar, boiler or electric heater according to the practical condition of the heating system. For low ambient type, it can stably work under ambient temperature down -35℃. Some models have gotten ErP A++ from TUV.

EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump Features & Highlights

● Extended working range down to -35°C ambient (low ambient type)

● 5 modes: heating only, heating+DHW, cooling only, cooling+hot water, DHW only

● Low running costs and high efficiency

● Long-life and corrosion resistant composite cabinet stands up to severe climates

● Famous compressor ensures outstanding performance and durability

● Intelligent LCD display with self-diagnostic control function

● With control output for three-way valve

● Easy operation and simple installation

● WIFI control function is optional

Key Components

Comparison (EVI System & Conventional System)

Intelligent Control

The units are supplied with micro processor based digital controller with LCD display. The controller is programmed to provide a maximum protection to the heat pump system and accurate temperature control. The control panel is completely factory wired with all accessories and terminals included.

Plate Heat Exchanger

• High corrosion resistance

• High thermal efficiency

• High working temperature

High Efficiency Compressor

・ High efficienty and energy saving

・ Quiet operation due to less moving parts

・ Adopt famous brand rotary or scroll compressor

High Efficiency Class A Pump

Energy saving pump with constant volume or pressure adjustment function. German Wilo or Chinese Shinoo water pump is optional.

Split Type

Features & Highlights

● No water freezing problem with split design (water system inside the house)

● The outdoor unit is designed for anti-snow

● The indoor unit is designed for substituting traditional boilers easily, with luxurious facade

EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump Applications

Monoblock Type

Features & Highlights

● With classic leisure product appearance

● Compact, weather-resistant and easy to install

● All in one system to save installation space & time

● Option: built-in water pump, expansion tank & electric heater

EVI Low Ambient Heat Pump Applications


1.Blueway has around 30 years of rich HVAC manufacturing experience.

2.Over 1000 original R&D products, Blueway is qualified to be OEM/OBM/ODM.

3.Over 10000 engineering solutions with great success provided by Blueway.

4.Online technical service is available twenty-four hours a day without break.

5.Blueway intelligent control system with precise timing, temperature control & remote monitoring function.


Q: Any optional compressor brand?

A: For on/off EVI type, we adopt Panasonic compressor (R410a). For inverter EVI type, Mitsubishi or Panasonic brand (R32/R410a). If you wanna get more details about inverter low ambient heat pump, please kindly refer to the “DC Inverter Heat Pump” series.

Q: How about the package?

A: Carton & export wooden pallet.

Q: What’s the refrigerant option?

A: Generally, we adopt R410a for this product.

Q: Any recommended model?

A: EHP-13S is the split type, with built-in water pump, expansion valve & electric heater.

Q: How to be Blueway Authorized Distributor?

A: Please contact us via mail/wechat/whatsapp for further communication.

Q: Coud you indicate the product warranty?

A: One year for the whole unit, three years for the compressor.

Q: How can we contact your distributor?

A: Please kindly let us know your detail contact information, then we will ask related people to contact you in a short time.

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