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On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater
  • On Off T1 Swimming Pool HeaterOn Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater

On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater

On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater with pool water heating and cooling function in residential and commercial applications, make you enjoy swimming in the four seasons, consumes around 80% less energy than tranditional electric heater. R32 or R410a, smart WIFI app control is optional.Welcome to buy On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater from us.

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Wholesale Customized On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater Factory

On/off & Inverter Type

On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater is specially designed and engineered for water temperature control of swimming pool and spa in the hot summer and cold winter. The unit works as a chiller in summer and heat pump in other seasons, offering the most energy efficient pool & spa chilling and heating.

Compared to gas, oil, or electric heaters, operation cost of swimming pool water chiller & heat pumps is up to 60%-80% less, saving your expenses in energy costs each year. Additionally, thanks to the ideal design of the systems, the T3 SPCH series units are able to withstand the harsh summer weather conditions and can operate at ambient temperature as high as 53 C in the gulf area without compressor tripping or failure.

Blueway SPCH units are not only highly efficient, but also easy and safe to operate, providing the maximum comfort the whole year through.



WHY DO BLUEWAY On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater SAVE ENERGY?

On Off T1 Swimming Pool Heater consumes much less electric power than a traditional electric heater. The electric power it consumes is only to operate the compressor, fan and water pump. For every 1kW electricity it consumes, the unit will generate up to 5kW heating capacity, which means 4kW capacity are totally free.

Reliable Quality of Key Components

Evaporator / Condenser Coil

The evaporator or condenser coil used is of fin and tube type. The fins are hydrophilic treated aluminum fins to resist corrosion, and the copper tubes are inner-grooved type, which increases the heat transfer in the refrigerant side.

Intelligent Control

The units are supplied with micro processor based digital controller with LCD display. The controller is programmed to provide a maximum protection to the heat pump system and accurate temperature control. The control panel is completely factory wired with all accessories and terminals included.

High Efficiency Marine-Grade Titanium Heat Exchanger

1) High efficiency and super corrosion resistant

2) High working pressure

3) Reliability and long lasting life span

4) Low maintenance

High Efficiency Rotary or Scroll Compressor

1) With tropical resistance capacity

2) High efficienty and energy saving

3) Quiet operation due to less moving parts

4) Adopt famous brand rotary or scroll compressor

Features & Highlights

● Saving 60%~80% energy compared to traditional heaters

● Titanium tube-in-shell heat exchanger resists harsh pool chemicals & corrosion

● Providing heating in winter & chilling in summer for spa and swimming pool

● Long-life & corrosion resistant composite cabinet stands up to severe climates & pool chemicals

● Famous brand compressor ensures outstanding performance, ultra energy efficiency & quiet operation

● Intelligent digital controller with friendly user interface & blue LED back light

● Self-diagnostic control panel monitors & troubleshoots unit operations to ensure safe & reliable operation

● Separate isolated electrical compartment prevents internal corrosion and extends heat pump life.

Product Appearance


1.Blueway has around 30 years of rich HVAC manufacturing experience.

2.Over 1000 original R&D products, Blueway is qualified to be OEM/OBM/ODM.

3.Over 10000 engineering solutions with great success provided by Blueway.

4.Online technical service is available twenty-four hours a day without break.

5.Blueway intelligent control system with precise timing, temperature control & remote monitoring function.


Q: What’s the cabinet option?

A: Generally, we adopt galvanized steel powder coated type, but plastic is optional for small models.

Q: Packing?

A: Export plywood pallet.

Q: Refrigerant type?

A: R32/R410a.

Q: What’s the max. outlet water temperature?

A: Rated outlet water temp. is 26~28℃, max. outlet water temp. is 40℃.

Q: With WIFI option?

A: If with WIFI function, cost will be a little higher.

Q: What’s the minumum purchasing quantity?

A: 1 set is acceptable.

Q: Could you provide the freight charges?

A: Yes, please kindly indicate the required model & quantity, as well as the destination port by air or sea.

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